Club Objectives

The objectives of this organization shall be to form a membership organization in the interests of and for the benefit of the Senior Citizens of the Crest Forest Community. To promote fellowship among all members, to bring them entertainment, to broaden their interests, to encourage their participation in useful cooperative efforts, to be concerned with their well being and mindful of their welfare, ready and willing to extend a helpful hand when needed so that none may feel alone.

2017 Board of Directors:


Marci Collar, President

Pat Brock, 1st Vice President

Barbara Carey, 2nd Vice President

Jean Allen, 3rd Vice President

Sandra Swanson, Secretary

Melissa Brown, Treasurer

Diane Nottingham, Membership 

Wayne Allen, Trustee Chair

Penny Shubnell, Personnel/Nutrition

George Faragilli, Activities

Cooki Cook, Thrift Store Chair